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Reproductive health improvement programs

Reproductive health of Russian women, Mother and Child Health, Couples’ Campaign, Healthy Family–Healthy Country, Model of a Youth Reproductive Health Center, Post-delivery care of HIV-positive women and women with a history of substance abuse.
  • raise awareness of and positive attitudes about modern contraception; 
  • increase attendance at family planning centers; 
  • reinforce the ability of local NGOs and state organizations to develop and implement educational programs in public health and to improve the effectiveness of counseling on reproductive health and family planning. 

Project components: 

  • Educational campaign “Family Planning – Caring for Health” (the first national educational campaign in Russia) 
  • Training of healthcare providers in counseling on reproductive health and contraception; 
  • Awareness-raising activities for officials (advocacy program); 
  • Training of journalists; 
  • Research. 
  • The Globe press syndicate published more than 120 articles about female health and family planning. 
  • A weekly column, "Ask Your Doctor," ran in regional newspapers. 
  • More than one million booklets on contraception for the clients of clinics and family planning centers were developed and published by the Family Planning Association. 
  • Materials for health care providers: four booklets were developed - "Hormonal oral contraceptives: Questions and answers", "Injection contraception", "Intrauterine contraception", “Condoms - Your Friend,” as well as the poster “Do you know your family planning method options?” 


The campaign was carried out by CCP JHU in close cooperation with the Russian Federation Ministry of Health, the Russian Family Planning Association, Moscow State University, and other public and state organizations, including film and PR companies from 1996-1999. 

The campaign was initially developed for five regions and was made the official bilateral project of the U.S.-Russia Commission on Economic and Technological Cooperation, bringing the discussion about family planning to the top political level. Due to Prime Minister Chernomyrdin’s decree, the project video spots were broadcast on central television stations, reaching women not only in the initial project regions, but all over Russia and some CIS countries. As part of the campaign, numerous activities (round tables, press-conferences) were held to advocate family planning. A committee of support for the campaign including famous politicians such as Michael Gorbachev signed the Declaration of Family Planning. 

Implemented in 1996-1999 in 5 regions: 

Ivanovo, Perm, Sverdlovsk, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. It was the first project on reproductive health in Russia.