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Given that one of the most important channels of information for teenagers is people their own age, the Health and Development Foundation developed a peer education program working to reduce risky behavior related to HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, and substance abuse.

Teens trust information received from peer educators more than from other sources because they have common interests, a common language, and similar life experiences, and these peer educators can act as positive role models. It is also easier for peer educators to discuss delicate or taboo subjects with other young people. In addition to providing useful information and skills, this program also serves as a way to organize young peoples’ leisure time, which is extremely important for small cities where there is no infrastructure for youth. 

This P2P program targeting teens aged 14-19 works in conjunction with Everything That Concerns You, a course addressing healthy lifestyle issues and run by adult educators.

The main objectives of the program are:

·        Тo increase teens’ knowledge and awareness on different aspects of HIV/AIDS and RH; 

·        To prevent drug use and sexual behavior which leads to HIV and other STIs; 

·        To promote overall healthy lifestyle values among youth; 

·        To build responsible attitudes and skills among young people concerning their own health. 

Program materials include:

A manual for trainers: “Training volunteer peer educators for work on HIV prevention among youth” is designed for specialists who work with young people: teachers, psychologists, social workers, and others. The manual contains general information about HIV/AIDS, the psychology and physiology of adolescents, legal and human rights aspects of the problem, and various facilitation exercises. 

A manual for volunteer peer educators: “Everything Is In Your Hands” is designed for young people aged 14-19 who want to be volunteer peer educators in preventive programs. In addition to general information on HIV/AIDS, this manual contains practical exercises and recommendations on how to prepare and conduct trainings with peers, and how to organize events around the issues. 

For more information on the program, please see the description of Everything That Concerns You, or email us at