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Mother and Child Health

MCH is a program on reproductive health and family planning which is carried out in close cooperation with Russian Federation Ministry of Health.
To decrease maternal and infant mortality by increasing the effectiveness of services for women and infants, including prevention of mother to child HIV transmission. 


  • decrease the abortion rate; prevent unwanted pregnancies 
  • introduce youth friendly services 
  • increase men’s access to information on reproductive health 
  • capacity building of the Russian Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians to continue promotion of modern technologies in mother and child health care 

Project components:

  • Behavior change communication activities 
  • Capacity building for health providers 
  • Development of communication materials 


  • a set of leaflets for the general population: "Breast feeding", "Voluntary female sterilization", "Post-abortion counseling on family planning", "The lactation amenorrhea method", "Post-delivery counseling on family planning", "The Simpto-thermal method of family planning", "Health care during pregnancy", "Domestic violence", "Injection contraceptives", "Condoms", "Intrauterine contraception", "Sexually transmitted infections", "Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills", "Family participation-centered obstetrics" 
  • Breast feeding promotion materials: a video spot, poster and booklet “Mom, for the first six months - only you and your milk!”. The video spot was widely broadcast on federal and regional TV channels. 
  • a set of informational materials for youth: booklets “It’s better to know better in good time” on STI prevention, "Double protection" on the use of condoms, "A New Start" on safe sexual behavior. 


The project was implemented by CCP JHU in collaboration with JSI Inc., and Engender Health.