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Model of a Youth Reproductive Health Center

To develop a comprehensive model youth reproductive health center, as well as standards of establishing such a center, including administrative, organizational, methodological, educational, and informational modules. The goal behind establishing a youth RH center was to protect and improve the reproductive health of young people and to form basic healthy lifestyle skills among this target audience 

The Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development, seeking to improve the unsatisfactory quality of RH services, including a lack of centers where teenagers could get competent medical, social, and psychological counseling on all aspects of reproductive health, introduced “Youth Reproductive Health Centers” as an official Russian Federation medical institution. Youth RH centers are to be opened in all regions of the Russian Federation. In cooperation with the Ministry of Health, HDF ran a tender and chose Orenburg as the pilot region for project implementation.

During project implementation, HDF cooperated with the Orenburg Region Ministry of Health, the medical department of Orenburg State University, Orenburg Municipal City Clinical Hospital No. 2, and the Orenburg Centre for Social Information. 
The youth RH center was created on the site of the Orenburg State University clinic. It was focused on students but provided services to all young people in the city. During the project period, 1,700 young people received services at the center. Center specialists developed a set of educational materials, including booklets on reproductive health, a magazine, and posters. In cooperation with medical specialists, Orenburg City Hospital No. 2 and Orenburg Family Planning Center they developed a program of educational activities: they conducted trainings and discussions with teenagers and young people on reproductive health topics in summer camps, schools, and colleges in Orenburg and the Orenburg Region. In total,100 discussions were conducted, reaching 1600 young people. 

Implemented in 2008 in the Orenburg Region.