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QuitTogether is a free information and education service for Russians over 18 who want to quit independently or with medical treatment.
This is a nonprofit, public health program with no commercial interest, and does not advertise or promote any products or services.

Program participants will have access to: the free SMS service on their mobile phone, a specialized mobile application for smartphones and tablets, a program website, social networking sites, live webinars and online lectures, printed informational materials, and counseling with specialists through a hotline. 

QuitTogether (Brosayem Kurit in Russian) is implemented with the support of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health and leading Russian experts on smoking cessation, making it possible to cover the most relevant issues and provide objective, reliable, and topical information to program participants.

The service gives users modern approaches to quitting, offers effective psychological support, and also makes it possible for them to share their experiences on social networks, and consult experts online. All services are free throughout Russia. 

Free SMS support

A new, free SMS service is available with psychological support and information for smokers in Russia who are ready to quit. To sign up, simply text НЕкурю (“I don’t smoke”) to the short number 5253.

This free program contains no advertisements and is available throughout Russia. All messages were developed by leading Russian Ministry of Health specialists.

Mobile application

One of the main components of the QuitTogether service is a mobile application for smartphones (more on the Russian-language program website БросаемКурить.РФ). This application is unique in that it is not a translated international program, but was created in Russia, developed and approved by RF Ministry of Health specialists.

The content of the mobile

application is presented through engaging, interactive animation. The application is also freely available, without any advertisements or promotions.


We have developed special online webinars for professionals working with smoking cessation clients, discussing the most relevant issues in this sphere. Participants can share their professional experience and ask questions. Registration is free on БросаемКурить.РФ.

Comprehensive approach

The program is based on the comprehensive use of modern channels of communication to provide clients free access to the latest reliable information on smoking cessation and effective ways to avoid relapse.

The different channels complement each other, supporting a dialogue with users, feedback, and the overall effective interaction of different program components in behavior change. See more information бросаемкурить.рф