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The Health and Development Foundation, in association with the Federal AIDS Center, experts in communication techniques, and leading educational medical facilities, developed an educational course on communication and counseling on HIV.

This course was developed not only for medical professionals dealing with HIV-positive patients, but also for a wide range of healthcare providers: infectious disease specialists, OB/GYNs, surgeons, neonatologists, pediatricians, general practice doctors, and nurses. Almost all of these healthcare providers encounter patients engaging in various types of risky behavior.

This educational course includes information on pre- and post-test counseling, clinical aspects of HIV, legislation regarding HIV, and specific aspects of counseling various groups of people. Depending on the audience, it is possible to focus on counseling such audiences as teenagers, pregnant women, MSMs, CSWs, and also substance abusers. So it is possible to cover a wide range of medical professionals dealing with specific target groups – substance abuse specialists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. 

The communication and counseling course was successfully implemented in 2007-2009 in leading medical institutions of postgraduate education in St. Petersburg and Orenburg. More than 2500 medical professionals and nurses were trained in these two regions. This course is now part of the curriculum at the Orenburg State Medical Academy.

Educational materials developed for medical professionals include:

  • “Communication and Counseling on HIV,” a manual providing general information about HIV infection and counseling; 
  • “Safety at the Workplace in Medical Institutions,” a manual containing information about preventing HIV and hepatitis B and C infections in the everyday medical practice of healthcare providers; 
  • “Specific Aspects of Counseling Substance Abusers on HIV,” a manual which highlights the most effective strategies for counseling this at-risk group; 
  • “Communication and Counseling on Treating HIV,” a manual describing best practices to create adherence to HAART; 
  • Cue cards on pre- and post-test counseling; 
  • “Communication and Counseling on HIV,” a video demonstrating the most common difficulties and mistakes of medical workers during counseling. 


For additional information on “Communication and Counseling on HIV Infection” please contact: 

Health and Development Foundation 
Program Director Sergei Frolov