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Healthy Family – Healthy Country

USAID/GDA - MCC EuroChem Cooperation


To improve the quality of public RH services, address the community and promote healthy behavior, provide youth with easy access to RH services. 

Program components: 

  • “Newborn and infant health” 
  • “Reproductive health for youth” 
  • Healthy lifestyle program for teenagers 

All Nevinomyssk pediatricians, neonatologists, and neurologists were trained in counseling; the number of children breastfed for 18 months increased four times, the number of children breastfed for 24 months increased three times; the number of parents visiting pediatricians for preventive care services increased 4.26% from 179,678 in 2006 to 187,328 in 2008. A model youth RH center was developed and established for teenagers, providing medical as well as psychological counseling, reaching 10% of city teenagers in 2009; the number of teen pregnancies decreased 28%. 

The program was implemented in 2006 – 2009 in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Region).