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Couples’ Campaign

To build up reproductive behavior models involving the use of modern contraceptive methods, avoidance of abortions as a means of family planning, rejection of risky behavior, faithfulness to sexual partners, and regular counseling with reproductive health medical specialists. 


  • attract public attention to issues of reproductive behavior and the need to protect the reproductive health of couples, stimulating public discussion on the topic; organize systematic distribution of information for each target 
  • prepare highly skilled specialists to counsel men, women, and couples on reproductive behavior and RH problems; 
  • bring counseling services nearer to the target groups 

Project components:

  • Behavior change communication activities 
  • Training health care providers in communication on RH and counseling couples 
  • Development of printed and media communication materials for HCP, women, men, and couples 
  • Formative research 
  • Baseline, midterm, and end-line evaluation 


HDF implemented the program in cooperation with regional Ministries of Health and Health Care Departments 


  • For health care providers: “Counseling couples on RH” booklet, “Counseling couples on RH” cue card 
  • For the general public: 2 brochures for men; 1 brochure for women; 2 posters; 1 transport sticker; 
  • Media: 4 video spots; 5 audio spots; news paper and magazine articles 

HDF trained 296 gynecologists and obstetricians on counseling couples and in group communication on RH. These specialists carried out 3,156 counseling sessions and 84 discussions with target audiences. As part of the campaign, 116 articles on RH were published in regional newspapers and magazines; 142 radio programs and 84 TV programs on RH were broadcast, including talk shows and interviews with specialists on RH; video spots were shown 269 times. HDF organized 14 community and city events. 

Implemented in 2004 – 2007 in Orenburg, Vologda, Irkutsk, Tyumen, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Ivanovo, and Syktyvkar.