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Happy new year!

Dear Partners and Friends,

As we look back on 2015, the Health and Development Foundation would like to thank all our partners, colleagues, and friends for their participation and support! This has been an exciting and productive year for HDF, including the launch of new programs and expansion of current initiatives.



In June, HDF launched QuitTogether, a free mobile and online support and information service for Russian adults who are ready to quit smoking. Like other mHealth programs by our organization, this program also provides free access to interactive webinars with experts along with a text-message service, the content of which was developed by leading experts in the field. At the close of 2015, this program already had 5073 subscribers.

We are also pleased that the first national mHealth program in Russia, SMSmame, continues to expand. Through this initiative, pregnant women and new mothers receive free text messages with evidence-based information on maternal and child health, as well as access to a program website, free webinars with experts, and social media networks. In 2015, HDF also introduced a mobile application to address the information and support needs of this target audience, which includes an interactive map of medical and other relevant institutions in the subscriber’s area.

In addition to our health communication programs aimed at different target audiences of the general public, HDF also spearheads initiatives targeting health care providers and mHealth program developers. As part of one of these, we continue to expand our online database of articles about using mHealth tools to address at-risk women, the subject of our Roadmap for developers in this field.

You can read more about our other ongoing projects on youth health, tobacco control, and reaching at-risk women in this section of our website

We look forward to another productive year in 2016, and wish you all the best!


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