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This Roadmap is intended as a guide for developers and implementers of mHealth interventions for at-risk women. It is our hope that the experience of the authors and the information provided will assist users in creating programs that meet the demands of that target audience and improve the quality of services available.

The Roadmap includes best practices in the field, a review of mobile tools as well as a literature review, lessons learned, evidence-based data, and information on the mHealth interventions available and appropriate for this at-risk population.

The manual also contains a comprehensive explanation of methodology and practical recommendations on the strategic planning of behavior change interventions based on mobile devices for different groups of at-risk women – those with a history of substance abuse, commercial sex workers, and women preparing to start or who have recently completed prison terms.



The Roadmap covers topics on enrollment strategies for outreach and engagement of the target audience in a program, and motivational activities to maximize the benefit of participation for the target audience. Topics covered in this guide also include issues related to legal and ethical questions, like legislation covering mobile and health communication, and privacy and confidentiality concerns for clients.

Those interested in learning more about the technical aspects can read about some of the communication options for these audiences. The content encompasses a wide range of technological issues and “how-to’s": how to develop or identify a platform for SMS services and aggregator solutions, how to provide data security and protection, how to establish an effective subscription process, etc.

Finally, the authors cover different aspects of effective monitoring and evaluation of existing programs, providing practical frameworks for the step-by-step assessment of program effectiveness for various sub-groups of the target audience. 

Download Roadmap (pdf)

Download Literature Review: Mobile Interventions for At-Risk Populations (pdf) 


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